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The Smallest Percussion Massager

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Small factor. Big results.

Small yet VERY powerful, the MINI is a portable, high quality percussion massager for your muscles, delivering 3200rpm pressure for up to 4 hours. Take it anywhere and charge it by USB. This is a four-speed massager gun with style. Made of aluminium alloy (not cheap plastic) it also includes four versatile extension heads for each muscle group. If you are looking for a massage gun then this is it!  

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Mini, Powerful and Quiet

137mm, 490g, 1.1lbs

The Mini massager is light, ergonomic, portable and good looking! Built of an aluminium alloy and available in 5 colours.


1800-3200 BPM, 50DB

Powerful motor up to 3,200 beats per minute with advanced noise reduction technology for a smooth quite operation so your neighbours or colleagues will never notice it!

4 speed one button operation

Easy to use one handed operation with LED speed indicators on the bottom. Four extension heads pull out easily with no tools.

USB – Type C Port

The Mini supports USB charging using any 2Amp compatible USB-C charger (cable included). Features a 4+ hours battery life per 1.5h charge.

Multiple Benefits

Vibration healing & pain relief.

Use to massage the back, feet and neck.

Post-workout recovery for sports and athletes.

Release lactic acid quickly.

Improve blood and lymph circulation.

Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness.

Relax muscles and relieve tension.

Reduce your muscle soreness with regular therapy.

2200mAh Battery


Solid Build


The only full body handheld massage gun you will ever need!

Unlike competing brands or other electrical stimulation massagers or rollers, our small and powerful MINI is guaranteed to work wonders on your muscles. Use it on your feet, back, legs or neck for a full body deep tissue massage wherever and whenever you feel like it.

1 Year Warranty

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CE Certified

"Professional athletes, fitness instructors and therapists around the world will LOVE this massager! ♥"
Lesya P.
Dance Instructor
"A lot of research went into designing the MINI. It's guaranteed to exceed your expectations!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Johnny K
silver mini


Available in five colors.

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